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DXF Export for SketchUp 1.0

DXF Export for SketchUp 1.0

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DXF Export for SketchUp Publisher's Description

DXF Export for SketchUp is an AutoCAD DXF file export plug-in for Google SketchUp®. This plug-in gives SketchUp the ability to export objects in SketchUp to 3d meshes in an AutoCAD DXF file.
DXF Export for SketchUp tessellates objects in a SketchUp document into a set of triangular meshes. These meshes are then exported to a DXF file as mesh objects. These meshes can be exported to a DXF file as 3D Polyface Mesh, 3D Face, Line or Point objects.
DXF Export for SketchUp is very easy to use. It adds new commands to SketchUp. Once installed, it automatically loads itself into SketchUp and adds a new submenu called "DXF Export for SketchUp" to the SketchUp Plugins menu containing the newly added commands.
The `DXF Export for SketchUp' menu consists of the following commands:
# Export - Exports an AutoCAD DXF file
# Help - Display the DXF Export for SketchUp help file
# Register - Register your copy of DXF Export for SketchUp
# About - Display the DXF Export for SketchUp About box
DXF Export for SketchUp comes with detailed documentation for each command as well as a tutorial to get you started in the shortest possible time.
The DXF File Format
The AutoCAD DXF (Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format) is a CAD data file format, developed by Autodesk as their solution for enabling data interoperability between AutoCAD and other programs. DXF was originally introduced in December 1982 as part of AutoCAD 1.0, and was intended to provide an exact representation of the data in the AutoCAD native file format, DWG (Drawing), for which Autodesk didn't (and doesn't) publish specifications.
DXF is probably one of the most widely supported vector formats in the world today. DXF is rich in features, including: support for 3D objects, curves, text, associative dimensioning, etc. Although DXF was developed to represent the data used in a CAD program, it is used by many programs as a "least common denominator" format for the

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